How Long to Smoke Salmon?

We all love to eat fish, but we must keep in mind that we should be careful when it comes to the kind of fish we eat. This is because different fish involve different cooking methods.

Some fish tastes better when they are fried, while others taste better when they are smoked or grilled. 

When it comes to smoking, salmon are the best. Smoking salmon is a popular food item in our country which is loved by almost everyone.

People love to eat smoked salmon because it tastes delicious and has a variety of nutrients. If you are planning to enjoy smoked salmon, then you need to know about the best time to smoke salmon so that you can have the best experience.

The amount of time it takes to smoke salmon is usually between two to three hours. However, if you want to cook salmon for longer, it can be done.

How long does it take to smoke a salmon?

When it comes to answering the question of how long does it take to smoke it, there is no exact answer.

It depends on the temperature you set your smoker to.

It’s important to focus on the brining part when making smoked salmon. Keep the brining part as simple as possible.

Brown sugar and salt will make the brine simpler. Allow the fish to soak in the brine for a while before smoking it to get the best results.

Brining the Fish

Here are some important points you need to take care of when soaking the fish in the brine solution.

  • Ensure that the fish is clean and free of bones.
  • In a big bowl, mix 1 cup of soy sauce and 1 cup of brown sugar.
  • When the contents blend nicely, stir them well.
  • One cup of salt can be used to make fish better.
  • Only one cup of brown sugar and salt can be used for a dry cure.
  • The pepper can be used for the dry cure.
  • Cut the fish into thin strips.
  • Put the strips in bags after soaking them in brine.
  • Put as many strips as you can into the bags and add the remaining brine solution.
  • Place the bags in the refrigerator.
  • Allow the fish to stay inside for 12 to 48 hours.
  • It will keep the fish moist even after you smoke it.
  • The wood used for smoking salmon can affect the fish’s taste and quality. So it is important to choose the right kind of wood.
  • If you are thinking to use classic hickory wood then the wood’s bitter flavor might rub onto the fish, so it’s not a good idea to smoke it.
  • For the best results, use fruitwood or nut wood.

Salmon Smoke Time

Follow these simple steps to get your answer.

  • Preheat your smoker anywhere between 200 and 250 degrees F.
  • Take the fish out of the fridge and put them on paper towels to absorb the brine liquid.
  • Place the strips on the smoker’s rack after the fish is dried.
  • Start smoking salmon strips on the rack. Your salmon will be ready after 3 hours.
  • The internal temperature of smoked fish can be checked with a meat thermometer.
  • Continue to smoke as the internal temperature goes up.
  • The salmon would take about 3 hours to cook if you smoked at 200 or 250 degrees F.
  • If you were wondering how long to smoke salmon at 200 degrees F, we hope you would have got the answer.

Can You Reduce the Smoking Time of a Salmon?

 Yes, you can reduce the smoking time of a salmon. To do this follow these simple steps mentioned below.

  • Preheat the smoker to 150 degrees F.
  • Pat dry the fish and put it on the racks.
  • Here you need to smoke salmon at 150 degrees F.
  • At this temperature, we recommend using hardwood which gives you a quick and even output.
  • It will take one hour and fifteen minutes to perfectly smoke a salmon at this temperature. 
  • If you are using bigger pieces you need to wait some more time.

Recipe for Smoked Salmon

Here is one of the most delicious smoked salmon recipes you can try at your home.

  • Mix brine ingredients in a bowl.
  • After soaking the fish in the brine solution, put it in the freezer for about 12 hours.
  • If you use a dry brine, after 12 hours, flip the fish so that the contents in the bag get absorbed into the fish.
  • For the next 12 hours, keep the fish refrigerated.
  • After 24 hours, take out the fish and clean the wet or dry cure.
  • You can remove the brine from the fish by washing it off.
  • The fish strips should be dried on paper towels for about 2 to 3 hours.
  • After 2 hours, set your smoker to about 200 to 220 degrees F. If you want to smoke the dried fish strips, keep them on the rack and allow them to smoke for about 2 hours.
  • Allow the fish to cool down for another 30 minutes before you eat it.
  • You can enjoy the delicious smoked salmon.


Is Smoked Salmon Healthy?

Yes! You can eat smoked salmon in many ways, including sandwiches, appetizers, salads, and more! It’s actually one of the healthiest things on the market! 

Smoked salmon is extremely high in omega-3 fatty acids. It also has lots of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin K, potassium, zinc, manganese, copper, and iron!

How long does Smoked Salmon keep?

We recommend that you use fresh smoked salmon as soon as possible after you get it home. If you want to enjoy your salmon days later, freeze it first.

What Type of Salmon to Use?

The kind that’s most popular. Wild, farm-raised, or Alaskan salmon are the most common types. Wild salmon contains a higher level of omega-3 fatty acids, but most fish farmers grow salmon on feed designed to make them bigger than wild.


This post will help you to know how long to smoke salmon. I think by now you have got your answer to the question. 

Then why late, follow these steps and prepare a delicious smoked salmon recipe.

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