How to slice a brisket?

The breast or lower chest of a cow can be used to make the brisket. Many fans worldwide have found the beef brisket to be juicy and delicious.

Many people know how to smoke beef brisket, but only a few know how to slice it.

In this article, we will give you a brief idea of how to slice a brisket raw and smoked so that you don’t have to worry about it in the future.

The point and flat are the two different types of muscles in a raw and cooked brisket. The muscles are separated by a white and thick layer of fat.

You will find a lot of fat in the point muscle.

This muscle has a lot of marbling, so it is easy to identify when you get a brisket. The flat muscle contains less fat.

First, we will see how to slice a raw brisket.

How to slice a raw brisket?

  • Before buying a brisket make sure that it is red with slightly moist.
  • This will make the meat more tender when smoked.
  • If you want to make additional flavored briskets you need to focus on point cut. But if you want a lump of lean meat that can be used as slices you can focus on flat cuts.
  • To avoid all these confusions many people will buy a whole brisket which contains both point and flat cuts.
  • Now the next step is to remove the white thick fatty layer around the point region.
  • For this take a sharp knife and trim it completely until you see all the fat layer removed.
  • You can keep some fat layer if you wish.
  • Now you need to follow the same procedure and trim off all the fat around the flat region. 
  • If you bought a whole brisket you need to observe where the point and flat portions fall.
  • After observing trim off all the fat layers around both regions.

How to slice a smoked brisket?

  • Finding the grain is very important. Only then you can slice a smoked brisket. The grain is nothing but a portion of the meat that has long strands that look like rubber bands.
  • After identifying the grains it is time to cut the meat. You will find these grains in both portions. 
  • Take a sharp knife and perform some cuts against these grains. Slice into pieces near these grains.
  • You can even cut the grains from the point portion until you reach the flat portion of the meat. After that, you need to change the meat direction to 90 degrees so that you have a perpendicular direction with the knife. 
  • These cuts will make your brisket slices tender and juicy.

How to make thin slices?

Follow these simple steps to cut thin brisket slices.

  • First, wrap the cooked brisket in aluminum foil.
  • Allow it to rest for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours take a sharp knife and cut along the meat to get thin slices.
  • Even if you want to cut thin slices it is recommended to cut the meat as thick as a pencil. This will allow you to stay your slice tender and juicy.

How to Cut Corned Beef Brisket?

Here is the procedure to cut corned beef brisket.

  • After cooking the corned beef brisket wrap it with aluminum foil and let it rest for 15 minutes.
  • Now take a very sharp knife to perform some cuts. It is recommended to use a knife with a length that is equal to the width of the brisket. 
  • Before starting the cutting process take a metal fork so that it will help your meat to stay in its place.
  • When pulling the corned beef you will notice a white and thick fat layer. Slice it with the help of the knife. 
  • Now divide the meat into two portions. The bigger and leaner portion is the flat portion and the smaller and the thicker portion is the point. 
  • You need to trim off the meat in both the point and flat regions. 
  • The next step is to identify the grains that we already discussed above. Follow the same procedure where you used to cut a smoked brisket. 


What’s the difference between brisket point and flat?

The point is the side of the brisket that lies against the bones, where the spine is attached, while the flat is on the other side.

For beef that is going into a dish that doesn’t require slicing across the grain (as in a brisket sandwich), we like the flat cut, which provides more surface area for the seasoning, but if the meat will be sliced across the grain for a steak, then the point is recommended.

Should You Cook Brisket Fat Side Up or Down?

Always cook the brisket fat side down. If you cook the brisket fat side up, the fat can drip down on the meat and make it soggy.

The fat that drips from the brisket must be scraped off before serving.


So, I have shared with you the best ways to cut beef brisket without any difficulty. If you have tried this recipe, then share your experience with us.

I am sure it will be helpful for many people.

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