How Many Steaks Can You Sous Vide at Once?

Sous vide cooking is one of the most convenient and best methods to cook. This method has become a trend in restaurants and people are now starting to make their sous vide cooker at home.

You probably know that sous vide is the best way to cook a steak to perfection.

The combination of precise temperature control, sealed-in moisture, and simple, hands-off cooking make sous vide a steak-lovers favorite.

But sometimes you don’t want steak for one. Sometimes you need to make steak for a pair, for your whole family, or a big group of friends.

So can you sous vide multiple steaks at once and still cook them to perfection? How many sous-vide steaks can you make at a time?

The number of steaks you can have at the same time is limited by the size of the container. A good rule of thumb is to cook a single steak for every gallon of water you can hold in a sous-vide container.

If you have a container that can hold 3 gallons of water, you can cook three steaks in it.

Can You Sous Vide More Than One Steak at a Time?


Yes, you can cook multiple steaks. The number of steaks you can make at the same time is limited by the size of the water bath.

Steaks need a lot of room for the water to circulate freely on all sides for the most accurate and even cooking.

If you have sealed every steak in its bag, you can put as many steaks in your container as you please.

Multiple steaks can be put in the same bag. You should make sure to check a few things out.

If you put the steaks next to each other in the bag, they will not be stacked on top of each other.

When steaks are piled on top of each other, the meat on the outside will heat quicker than the meat in the center.

It will take a long time for the center steak to cook because the stack creates a single, thick steak. The result is the steaks that were not evenly cooked.

The steaks should be no thicker than 1 inch. If the steaks are very thick and placed edge-to-edge, water won’t evenly circulate the steaks’ outside edge and could cause slow or erratic cooking.

The edges of the steaks can cook at the same rate as the meat if they are thinner.

If you use a small container, you need to keep an eye on the water bath, as the water may evaporate and the water level may drop more rapidly than if you use a larger container.

If you are cooking steaks in a sous-vide container, it is best to start with hot tap water to bring the bath to a temperature quicker.

How to Sous Vide Two Steaks to Two Different Temperatures?

Many people have individual preferences and want their steaks cooked to different temperatures, so the challenge of cooking multiple steaks at once is their individual preference.

It can be difficult to cook steaks to different preferences at the same time because the sous-vide cooker is designed to cook everything slowly at the same temperature.

The best methods to follow are listed below.

First, start with the most done steak

If you want to cook one steak to medium and another steak to rare, this is the way to go.

  • Start by cooking the higher-temperature steak.
  • The steak should be left in the water bath when it reaches the preferred temperature.
  • Now lower the temperature of the sous vides machine to the temperature according to the less cooked steak.
  • You can reduce the temperature of your bath by adding some cold water.
  • Now add the second steak.
  • The rarer steak will cook to the lower temperature, while the more cooked steak will stay warm in the sous-vide container without cooking anymore.

Remove the less done steak

  • All the steaks need to be put in the water bath at the same time.
  • The temperature should be set to the lowest possible temperature.
  • When the less done steaks are done, remove them.
  • The steaks that need more cooking should be left in the sous vide container.
  • Allow the steaks to cook for longer while the temperature is raised.

Sear the steaks differently

  • Cook all the steaks to the required lower temperature.
  • Remove them from the sous vide container after they have been cooked.
  • The more-cooked steaks should be allowed to have an additional minute or two in the pan to reach the desired doneness when cooking.

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Should Each Steak Be in Its Own Sous Vide Bag?

For the sous vide to reach the desired temperature quickly, it needs to be as uniform as possible.

So when preparing several steaks at once, put them all in a single bag. You can even wrap each bag in plastic to help maintain temperature.

Will the Bags Touch Each Other?

Yes. As long as the bags are made of material that does not interact with each other (e.g., plastic and rubber) they will not be affected by movement.

Can You Cook Chicken & Beef Together?

It depends. First off, you have to decide if you want to serve the meat pink or well done. If you’re going to cook beef, you also need to be concerned with the fat content.

For chicken, marinating will help tenderize it. However, a marinade can overpower the flavor of your chicken.


There are many ways to cook steaks sous vide. If you want everyone to get the steak they love cooked to perfection, you can cook it in sous-vide circulators.

I hope this article answers all your sous vide and steak-related problems. By chance, if you have got any chance to try any of these methods mentioned here comment below.

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