How to Make Buffalo Chicken Dip in a Crockpot?

Buffalo chicken dip is a well-known game day food. It goes well with almost any food. This dip is especially good with fried foods because the fried foods soak up the tasty dip quickly.

It’s no surprise that these dips are so popular, especially for football and game days. These dips go great with any type of food, from appetizers to desserts, making them perfect for any occasion.

They are rich and packed with all sorts of flavors, making them one of the best dips around the world.

Did you want to know how to make buffalo chicken dip in a crockpot? Read on to learn how!

How to Make Buffalo Chicken Dip?


First, you need to gather all the necessary tools and ingredients for making a Buffalo chicken dip in a crockpot.

You don’t need too many ingredients or tools to make a buffalo chicken dip. All you need is a crockpot, some buffalo chicken wings, and a can of cream of celery soup.

Tools Needed

The main tools that you will use to make this recipe are the crockpot or a slow cooker. You may also need a baking dish to bake your dip in.

Other utensils that you will need are generally available in everyone’s kitchen.

The ingredients needed to make a Buffalo chicken dip are sour cream, shredded chicken, buffalo wing song, cream cheese, blue cheese crumbs, shredded cheddar cheese, green sliced onion, and minced fresh parsley.

Once collected you can now make Buffalo chicken dip in a crockpot.


You can find many recipes online. Almost every recipe involves these steps. So carefully follow the instructions to make a perfect buffalo chicken dip.

  • First mix the sour cream, ranch dressing, cream cheese, blue cheese, shredded chicken, cheddar cheese, and Buffalo wing sauce in a big bowl.
  • Make sure to mix all the ingredients without forming any lumps.
  • Once all the ingredients are mixed well now you can prepare a crockpot for cooking on a gas grill.
  • Before placing the crockpot on the gas grill make sure to coat the interiors with butter, so that the ingredients don’t stick to the surface of the crockpot.
  • Now carefully pour the mixture into the coated crockpot. Keep in mind to leave some space on the top so that the cheese does not spill over the crockpot. 
  • After transferring the ingredients into a crockpot add cheddar cheese to get additional flavor and taste. 
  • Now cook the above-mentioned ingredients in a crockpot. Before cooking makes sure to cover the crockpot with a lid.
  • You need to cook the buffalo chicken dip for at least three to four hours to get a good taste.

Tips and Tricks

  • It is a good idea to use softened cream cheese with buffalo chicken dips because this type of cheese blends with any type of ingredient.
  • For hassle-free cooking, you can cut the cheese cubes into small pieces. This will make the cheese blend with the ingredients perfectly.
  • If you are preparing shredded chicken then make sure to use Rotisserie chicken as they are already cooked. Also, they have a unique flavor.
  • You can even use canned chicken or leftover chicken.
  • You can add different types of sauce and make your buffalo chicken dip hotter. For example, you can use Frank’s hot sauce or regular Buffalo wing sauce to make your dip hotter.
  • I always recommend using shredded cheese because they melt faster when compared to other types of cheese. You can even grate your cheddar cheese to get a rich and unique taste.
  • If you don’t like ranch dressing then you can use blue cheese dressing as a substitute.
  • If you want to make large quantities of buffalo chicken dip then don’t worry. You can double the ingredients and make a perfect dip.


Can I freeze the buffalo chicken dip?

Once you make a perfect buffalo chicken dip it is very tough to get it from somewhere else.

The usual question for everyone after preparing a perfect dip is that can I store it in a freezer.

The answer is Yes. You can store a buffalo chicken dip in a freezer for almost three to four months. 

Some of the foods that are great with buffalo chicken dips are chips, tortillas, celery, slices of bread, and crackers.

Can I make Buffalo chicken dip in the oven?

Yes! If you don’t want to cook on low for 9 hours this recipe is still simple and can be made in an oven with about 20 minutes on high heat (if you use a 6-quart oven).

However, I’m not a fan of using ovens to bake or cook because I feel like I’m losing out on time and flavor by heating something in a machine. Plus, my oven takes forever to heat up!

How do I reheat the dip?

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mix 1/2 cup butter with 1/4 cup flour until crumbly.

Stir in a 12-ounce jar of sour cream, a 10.75-ounce can of cream of celery soup, and an 8-ounce container of blue cheese.

Pour over cooked chicken or ranch dressing mix and fold in 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese. Spoon into a slow cooker sprayed with cooking spray. Cook on high for 4 to 6 hours.

What do you serve with Buffalo Chicken Dip?

This creamy, cheesy, and spicy dip is made from just five ingredients and tastes just like chicken wings but is easy to make in your slow cooker.

Serve it on top of tortilla chips or veggies for a low-carb snack. You can also freeze it for later and use it as a meal prep ingredient.

How Long Do I Cook Buffalo Chicken Dip?

Cook in the slow cooker for 1 hour on High Heat. Stir halfway through cooking time. If using the oven, cook for 30-40 minutes at 350°F, stirring occasionally.

Serve with potato chips, cut-up vegetables, breadsticks, tortilla chips, or crackers. If your slow cooker has a dishwasher-safe lid, place it in a warm setting to speed up the process.


It is very easy to make a perfect buffalo chicken dip on your own by using a crockpot.

Just follow the steps mentioned here in this blog and you are ready to go with a perfect recipe. Within three hours you can prepare a perfect buffalo chicken dip.

If you are making this dip in your home you have the flexibility to add whatever ingredient you want or substitute one ingredient with another. 

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