Can You Use a Meat Grinder To Make Pellets?

Small organic matter made from substances such as co-products, industrial waste, food waste, energy crops, and lumber is called pellets.

They’re recognized everywhere because of their benefits to humanity, such as making fuel for combustion purposes, bedding for animals, etc.

The size of a pellet can be as small as 6mm in diameter and as large as 25mm. Industrial pellet mills can be used to produce large quantities of pellets.

For small-scale production, it can be produced at home with the aid of a meat grinder.

It is possible to use a meat grinder to make pellets. Food such as coffee or meat can be crushed into small pieces or powder with the help of a grinder.

Regardless of the type of grinder you have, you will serve in the production of Pellets on a small scale.

If your goal is to mass-produce, then you should get a pelletizing machine. I advise you to do proper research before buying a pellet machine because it’s a huge investment.

Do you still not know which one to go with? I will show you how to make your pellets using a meat grinder from the comfort of your home, now that you know what’s up.

If you do not have a meat grinder at home, you should get one after reading this article. This LEM Meat grinder is a good one.

You can either get a meat grinder that is electric or you can get a manual grinder that is heavy-duty.

How Can I Make Pellets With a Meat Grinder?

It is possible to make pellets at home because the process is not very hard. There are a few things to know about making pellets with a grinder.

Kitchenaid Meat Grinder

Step 1:

If you collect the raw material and crush it with a hammer, you will be able to make small particles.

Buying crushed raw material from the market will allow you to skip the process of using a hammer crushing machine.

Put your raw material under the sun for at least 24 hours to dry it out if it’s wet.

This step is necessary to reduce the amount of moisture in the raw materials. The quality of the pellets will be affected by this step being skipped.

Step 2:

You need to put your dried and crushed raw material in the meat grinder. There is a way to apply pressure to your crushed samples.

It is always a good idea to keep a note of caution here, as heat will be produced due to the pressure applied by the raw material causing it to compress and come out of the trough.

Step 3:

A knife or cutter will be used to cut the compressed pellets.

When using a meat grinder and not a pellet-making machine, the compressed sample needs to be rolled into shape with the aid of your hand to achieve the size and shape of pellets you want.

Unlike the pellet-making machine where the size can be set from the machine, the grinder gives you the ability to have the size you want.

I like doing things differently, not the conventional way, but the way I envision it in my head and how I want it to be.

Thinking out of the box and being innovative is what I call that. Who do you know?

Maybe someday I will find the knowledge that you have come from all the way around. If you do not mind, follow me and think out of the box. We are ready to go to the next stage.

Step 4:

There will be a high temperature when the pellets are coming out of the grinder. It is a good idea to spread them in a large area so that the temperature can be reduced.

If you have a cooler, you can use it to cool down the hot pellets. If the temperature goes down, store them in plastic or paper bags for future use.

Isn’t it exciting to do it on your own? It is something of joy when you do it with your friends or family.

Let me know if you like it and thank me later. As long as you own a grinder, you will be happy making your pellets.

How To Make Pelleted Feed?

The process of making pelleted feed is the same as what has been explained above. All you have to do is follow the directions.

Let’s take it to step by step once more. Chicken Feed can be used as a case study.

Research Work

If you want to make feeds for animals, you need to research what raw materials you will need and what quantity you will need for each mix.

There are different mix ratios for different types of animals. If you don’t get it right, the animals may not be well cared for. Please let me help you here.

When you make feeds for young birds, the content of the feed needs to be higher than when you make feeds for older birds.

The Carbohydrate content should be higher than the protein content for matured birds. If you want to achieve this you need to consult a professional in chicken feed production.

Raw Materials

After your research, the next thing to do is get your raw materials. If you want to make a good chicken feed, you have to get vitamins, minerals, and preventive drugs.

It needs to be ground to the appropriate sizes. The size of the young birds will be different than that of the matured birds.

If you miss this, you will have altered the birds feeding rate and in some cases, it will lead to deaths. It’s a good idea to get everything ready by grinding it with your grinder.

Making The Pellets

Roll to the desired shape with the aid of your grinder after you add a small quantity of water and then compress it with the aid of your grinder.

You need to be careful when adding water because it could end up making it watery.

Pellets Cooling

The pellets can be cooled. It needs to dry very well. Spreading it under the sun will be less expensive. Get a sack and keep it in it for use.

Which Is Better: Hardwood Pellets Or Softwood Pellets?

All things have advantages and disadvantages, according to a popular saying. I know that it is dependent on your perspective, but I don’t know if I completely believe it.

Several factors determine whether or not hardwood pellets are better than softwood pellets.

I will mention some factors that can affect your decision, although these depend on the individual involved in most cases.

Type Of Stove

The majority of stoves are designed to burn wood. It still depends on which stove burns better.

The type of pellets that burn in your stove will always be a deciding factor in this regard.

How It Is Made?

The kind of equipment used and how the wood pellet is made will tell you which is better for you. The process of making a wood pellet determines how it will be burned.

Higher Heat Output And Lower Ash

It’s cleaner to use softwood pellets because they produce higher heat output with lower ash. Nevertheless, it’s still based on individual preferences.

Lower heat output might be appreciated by some people.

This shows us that the idea of which is better is based on personal preferences. It is up to you to choose what best suits your taste.

Is It Possible To Convert My Wood Stove To Burn Pellets?

Yes and no. A wood stove is designed to burn wood like kiln logs. Its walls are designed to handle the heat from wood.

It’s because pellets are wood. The wood is compressed and burns hotter than logs. A pellet stove is not a wood stove.

Once logs are fed into a wood stove and lit, the doors are closed and the air comes into the stove, it is not advisable.

You have to keep the door open so you can feed the stove with pellets.

If your house gets burnt down because you don’t stock the stove with pellets and lit it, then you have to get a new wood stove constructed.

The possibility of using pellets in a wood stove without destroying the stove is aided by the use of a pellet basket.

That is why I said yes earlier. If you want to use pellets in a wood stove, use only the pellet stove.

Is It Possible to Burn Pellets in a Fire Pit?

It’s certainly true! Foreign pits can be used for the compressed wood pellet. It’s important to have a good regulation on the heat produced.

It is possible to try this fire pit. It is wonderful to have a fire pit outside.

How To Burn Pellets In A Fire Pit?

When pellets are used in a fire pit, the fire logs burn completely, leaving little ash and no coals to pose any fire dangers.

You can shake the remaining ash from the logs and use them again or stack them for storage after they cool down. The following are some things that should be considered.


  • Pull each log out of the fire logs.
  • Put the stands aside and fill the fire logs with a wood pellet.
  • The wood pellet may fall through the openings in the wires and be considered insignificant.
  • It is a good idea to select a flat surface of sand or stone if you want to clear the area of anything that may catch fire.
  • Set the fire logs on the stands that are a part of your fire log items in a way that will allow for air to flow around them.
  • Use a fire starter or twisted clump of old papers to start the fire.
  • A fireplace lighter is necessary to keep you at a safe distance from an open flame.
  • The fire will light the pellets in the logs and they will start to burn.
  • If necessary, use a stick to move the logs.
  • Add the reserved log when the fire burns down and you can burn just one or two at a time.
  • To prolong the burning time, the stick can be used to remove a burned log from the fire, set it aside to cool, refill it again, and add it back to the fire.
  • The fire should burn naturally and the fire logs should cool.

Pit fires produce large coals that can take a long time to cool down, even up to 24 hours. Don’t forget to keep in touch with the law of no burn periods.

Make sure children and pets are kept at a safe distance from the fire pits and make sure there is a fire extinguisher close by just in case there is a fire outbreak from the pit.

It’s a good idea to have the extinguisher on hand at times.

How To Preserve My Wood Pellets?

Wood is compressed so much that it is called wood pellets. Because they are wood and would be used as fuel, it is advisable to keep them away from any water.

If you keep wood pellets very dry, they will swell and burn inefficiently or not at all.


It’s a good idea to know how to make your pellets so that you don’t have to worry about making a fire during camping.

Drop your comments and suggestions in the comment section if you want to learn more. Cheers!!

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