What Should I Buy: Coffee Grinder or Grain Mill?

You can use your coffee grinder to grind the coffee, but there are other things you can do with it.

If you are looking for a cheaper way to grind your grains when you consider the cost of buying a grain mill and a potential increase in electricity bill when you use a grain mill at home, then the coffee grinder is a good option.

There is more information on the most suitable grinder for grains between a coffee grinder and a grain mill.

Coffee Grinder VS Grain Mill:

It costs less to grind your grains at home than it does to use a grain mill. If you have an alternative at home, you can make the best use of it.

The coffee grinder is available in many homes and it is one of the popular alternatives that could serve that purpose.

We are going to compare and contrast the coffee grinder and grain mill in this article. If you want more information, read on.

Grain Mill


If you don’t mind the quality and quantity of the flour, the coffee grinder can serve as an occasional alternative to a grain mill.

The coffee grinder could serve as an alternative to a grain mill, but they are not the same. Some of the differences between a coffee grinder and a grain mill are listed.

Final Result

The coffee grinder isn’t a good alternative to a grain mill if you want fine flour. After about two or more grinding processes, it will only coarse the grain with the residual.

A quality grain mill can quickly and easily grind different types of grains into flour.


When you grind a lot of grains with a coffee grinder, there’s a high risk of it being ruined. When you grind grains with it, the grain mill is not at risk of being exposed to such risk.


A quality grain mill might not be affordable to many people, but most homes can afford to buy a coffee grinder.

Duration of Grinding 

It will take several attempts and time before a coffee grinder will grind grains to fine flour. A quality grain mill can grind grains to a fine flour in a short period.


The blades of a coffee grinder are not strong and reliable to grind grains, unlike the blades of a grain mill.

Which Is Better?

This is dependent on your budget and preferences. It is recommended that you get a quality grain mill if you want to grind different types of grains without stress.

It will be worth the investment in the long run, even though it will be costly when you want to buy it new.

A quality grain mill will give you the desired texture of the fine powder if you don’t mind flour that is not properly grounded.

If you want to buy a coffee grinder that could serve as an alternative, you should consider the strength of the blade.

It is recommended that you buy a coffee grinder with a conical burr grinding motor.

Is It Possible That a Coffee Grinder Grind Grains? 

A coffee grinder can serve as an alternative to a grain mill, even though a coffee grinder is not as effective as a grain mill in grinding grains.

It might not give the same result as the regular grain mill, but it would be better.

If you are considering grinding grains with a coffee grinder, it is recommended that you use the one that has conical burr grinding motors.

The pros and cons of using a coffee grinder are discussed in this information.



It is easier to move the coffee grinder from one location to another because of its size. If you want to use it to grind grains, you don’t have to put it in a permanent location.


The coffee grinder is cheaper than the grain mill if you consider the cost of buying and maintaining it.

It will reduce the amount of money you spend on visiting mills if you have one at home and grind grains occasionally.

Saves Energy

If you use a coffee grinder you will save more energy and money than if you use a grain mill.


Not a Viable Alternative

The coffee grinder might be able to grind grains, but it might not be able to give you the fine powder result that a grain mill can.


When you’re in a hurry, the coffee grinder is not the best machine to use.

You might have grounded the grains more than once before you got to the texture. It only can take a small number of grains at a time.

High Risk

If you use a coffee grinder to grind a lot, it’s a good idea to keep it out of harm’s way, as it can ruin it and reduce its lifespan.

Using Grain Mill to Grind Grains

The grain mill is the most efficient machine when it comes to grinding grains, even though it is expensive.

There are different types of grains that you can grind with it. There are pros and cons to using a grain mill to grind grains.


Easy to Manage

When you use the grain mill to grind grains, it is easier to clean them. The machine is being used for the intended purpose and that makes it easier to maintain.

Grain Mill

Faster Grinding Process

Before a grain mill grinds the grain to a fine flour, you don’t have to wait for a long time or repeat the process. A grain mill can take a lot of grains at once.

Suitable for Different Types of Grains

The nature of the grains you can grind with the grain mill does not have to be restricted. It is capable of grinding wheat, rice, corn, and many other things.



When you compare the price of a coffee grinder to a grain mill, it costs more to buy and manage a grain mill.

It is possible to buy two or more quality coffee grinders for less than the cost of a single-grain mill.

High Cost of Running

A typical grain mill is consuming more energy. Don’t be surprised if you see an increase in your electricity bill after you use the grain mill.

Occupies Large Space

The coffee grinder is not as big as the grain mill. It takes a larger space and moving it from one location to another could be difficult.

How to Grind Grains with a Coffee Grinder? 

If you don’t decide on which grain you want to grind, you won’t be able to use the coffee grinder.

You can follow the steps highlighted below once you’ve done that and the grinder is ready.

Grind Little Quantity

Because of the size of the grinder, you should be aware of the number of grains you put in. You could grind in batches.

This might take a longer time when you are using a manual coffee grinder. To get it done, you have to be patient.

If you don’t have time to wait for a long time, you can grind the grains at intervals so that you don’t stress the grinder beyond capacity.

Secure the Lid

The lid of the grinder should be closed before you grind to make sure you don’t waste the grains or put the grinder at risk.

Grind the Grains

You can now transform the grains into fine flour if you have done the steps highlighted. You should grind a particular grain at a time if you want to grind different types of grains.

Transfer to a Clean Container

You should turn it into a container once you are satisfied with the result.

Clean the Grinder

You should not leave the grinder unattended when you are done grinding. You can wash the parts if you want to keep them clean in the future.


You can use a coffee grinder instead of a grain mill occasionally. If you want to avoid damaging it, you shouldn’t use the grinder beyond its capacity.

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