How Long Will Meat Grinder Blades Last?

Depending on how often you use the meat grinder, a typical blade should last about two years.

The blade of a meat grinder is built to last and is super strong. Even if the meat is tough, you can grind it with the right meat grinder.

When external factors come into play, your meat grinder blades can fail after just a couple of uses, so you should consider some factors that may affect the duration of your meat grinder.

Here are some of the factors that affect them.


Sometimes no matter how careful you are with the device, there are unforeseen circumstances that may affect the meat grinder.

How You Use It

If you borrow a meat grinder from a friend, it is important to know how it works to use it efficiently.

For a new meat grinder, it comes with an instruction manual on how to properly operate to get the work done, or you can watch videos on the internet on the workings of the model of your meat grinder.

The meat grinder can fail if you operate it wrong, as you may not assemble it correctly, or it can even lead to serious injuries.

The blade of the meat grinder will eventually become dull if your meat grinder is not powerful enough to grind bones.

Ensure you know how to properly use a meat grinder, and always use gloves for safety.

How Often Do You Use It?

If you work in a restaurant or a butcher’s shop where you have to grind meat constantly, the rate at which you use your meat grinder may determine how long you can use it.

The meat grinder blades will start to become blunt at regular usage.

If you use your meat grinder every day, you need to get a powerful motor, and ensure to sharpen the blades monthly to increase efficiency and get more work done faster, at that rate of usage the blades will become dull, don’t worry.


When you buy a cheap meat grinder, you shouldn’t expect it to last as long as a more expensive one, because of the quality of the parts.

Don’t expect your meat grinder to last as long as the first one did if you end up changing the blades after a couple of years for one of lesser quality than the initial one.

Quality items give you the best results, they also have a longer shelf life because the materials used to make them are usually well-sourced.

Not cleaning

When you don’t clean your meat grinder, it will cause the gears to get stuck, which will cause the meat to dry up. The meat grinder’s gears will turn with difficulty if you use them now.

Do you know where I’m going?

If you don’t clean your meat grinder, it will lead to food poisoning and you will violate the health code. Always clean up after yourself for your safety.

How to Sharpen Meat Grinder Blades?

Sharpening Stone

There are specialized stones that have been cut and designed to sharpen the blades of a meat grinder, they are round and have orifices that allow them to fit into your meat grinder.

When you disassemble the meat grinder, you put in the sharpening stone which is ideal for the particular blade you need to sharpen, and then you run the meat grinder.


The manual version requires you to put your back into it after the meat grinder and figure out which parts need sharpening, you place the sandpaper on the table and run the blades against it.

It is a bit labor intensive to do it slowly, but it will get the job done.

Give It to a Professional

To not ruin the blades completely, the best thing to do is to give the blades to a professional to get it done properly.

If you don’t know who a butcher is, I suggest you go to the closest butcher store near you. There is a link up there that you should get.


Is It Possible to Replace the Blades of My Meat Grinder?

You can get replacement blades for the meat grinder. Extra blades are provided for your meat grinder when you purchase them from one of the brands.

Most models of meat grinder blades can be found in the market if they have become dull, rusted, or brittle. All you have to do is locate the closest store and look for a replacement.

How to Store Meat Grinder Blades?

After using your meat grinder, dismantle it and clean it to make sure there is no leftover meat.

If you are going to be using it again the next day, then you should assemble it and leave it on the countertop.

If you don’t use your meat grinder often, disassemble after use, clean properly, and store the blades in a box, a well-padded box, so the parts don’t move about when someone tries to carry the box.

Do Meat Grinder Blades Get Dull?

Yes, they do when you don’t use your meat grinder properly or misuse it.

When it doesn’t state that the meat grinder can be used to grind bones, it will inevitably cause the meat grinder blades to get dull after a while.

If you need to grind bones, make sure you get a powerful meat grinder that can get the job done, as soft bones like Chicken or Rabbit can be hard to grind.

Do I Need to Chill the Blades of My Meat Grinder?

It isn’t completely necessary, but it is a hack that is used frequently to grind meat more effectively.

It is no secret that you need to chill your meat before grinding to make sure it doesn’t get stuck and it comes out smooth, while your meat grinder is grinding the meat, the motion causes friction which will eventually thaw the meat.

The cooling effect of the meat grinder can be extended by chilling the blades, which makes it easier to work with.

Meat Grinder Plate

What Else Can I Use to Grind Meat?

If I may add, you can use a household blender to grind meat very easily. The only thing you have to do is get a powerful blender with sturdy blades.

To make it easier to break down the meat, make sure you cut it into small chunks so they fit in the blender.

It’s a good idea to chill the meat in the fridge after it’s been cut so it doesn’t get stuck in the blender. If you add water to the meat, it will cause the blender to malfunction.

To get the desired texture, just blend the meat as is, and then pulse it.

Does a Meat Grinder Dangerous?

It is usually safe for the most part, however, if you don’t know how to operate it, then it’s best to learn properly before attempting to use one of these.

If the blades are sharp enough to break down meat, then they are probably sharp enough to cause injury.

Make sure you wear gloves while working, even if you know how to work one of these.


Like most devices, proper maintenance and care allow it to last as long as it can. If you own a meat grinder, make sure it states that you can use it to grind bones. Stay safe!

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