How To Freeze Cherry Tomatoes?

You can have cherry tomatoes in your pantry because they are easy to prepare and consume, and they work well with many different foods.

You can consider freezing tomatoes if you end up with more than you anticipated.

It’s one way to prolong their lifespan. We researched and found out what you need to know about freezing cherry tomatoes.

The process of freezing cherry tomatoes involves a few simple steps. It’s as straightforward as it sounds. Here are the things you should do:

  • The cherry tomatoes have to be washed and dried thoroughly. 
  • To freeze them in the freezer, put them on a baking sheet and stick them in the freezer. 
  • Return frozen tomatoes to the freezer after they’ve been transferred to a container or bag.

Now that you know how easy it is to freeze cherry tomatoes, you should keep reading to learn more about the different freezing methods.

Is It Possible to Freeze Fresh Cherry Tomatoes?

It is possible to freeze your cherry tomatoes fresh. You don’t have to peel whole tomatoes before freezing if you do it with cherry tomatoes.

Retaining the original taste and keeping all their vitamins is something you can do. It is possible to store them in a bag or container after they’ve been prepared.

Compared to other fruits and vegetables, cherry tomatoes freeze well, but they lose their shape and are softer in texture the longer they are stored frozen.

If they get too soft, they should be used in recipes that require softened tomatoes.

Since the texture change is significant enough to make a difference, these should not be used as an alternative for whole fresh tomatoes.

The quality of food is at risk during long periods of cold weather.

The best way to keep them at their best quality is to place them in tightly sealed containers. Tomatoes can maintain their condition because of the airtight containers.

Cherry Tomatoes

Steps In Freezing Cherry Tomatoes

Tomatoes are going through two freezing processes. The first freeze is to make them solidify while the second is for storage.

It’s a good idea to make your tomatoes lay flat with enough room to set them apart during the first freeze. Keeping them apart will prevent them from sticking together.

Here’s how to freeze them:

  • Put your cherry tomatoes in a container and wash them thoroughly.
  • Put the tomatoes in a container and dry them.
  • The freezer burn can be prevented with this.
  • Place them on a baking sheet or dish and keep them there until they are completely frozen.
  • Transfer them to a freezer bag or a freezer-safe container when you take them out.
  • It’s important to get rid of the air from the bag before you seal it.
  • If you want to use them in the future, put them in the freezer.

Is It Possible To Freeze Roasted Cherry Tomatoes?

It is possible to freeze roasted cherry tomatoes whole. It’s not necessary to take off the skin because Roasting them adds to their flavor.

When they are frozen, the roasted cherry tomatoes have an enhanced flavor.

Compared to fresh cherry tomatoes, there are fewer texture differences with frozen roasted cherry tomatoes.

These changes won’t be noticeable when they are used for sauces. It is possible to thaw the tomatoes by chilling them in the fridge or leaving them out for a few hours.

Steps To Freeze

When fresh cherry tomatoes are frozen, roasted cherry tomatoes go through the same process. Since they go through cooking first, you should prepare them the same as before.

The cherry tomatoes are stored this way because you have to slice them to make them whole.

  • Allow your tomatoes to cool completely after roasting them.
  • Put the tomatoes in the freezer for 2 to 3 hours or until fully frozen, then spread them across a baking sheet.
  • When roasted cherry tomatoes are solid, transfer them to a freezer bag or container to make sure there is no air in the bag.
  • You can either store them in the freezer for later use or use them after that.

Best Way to Freeze Cherry Tomatoes

When frozen whole, cherry tomatoes are of the best quality. Compared to other methods, freezing them whole does not require as much preparation.

It saves you time and makes the process easier to complete. Tomatoes freeze well, so there’s no need to worry about the changes that happen in the fruit when it’s cold.

It’s common for frozen fruit to change in taste and texture, but most of these changes aren’t noticeable with cherry tomatoes.

You can freeze cherry tomatoes if you use the following methods:

Cherry Tomatoes

Freezing Cherry Tomatoes In Slices

If you want convenience, you can cut your cherry tomatoes into slices and put them into the freezer. When used for different dishes, it usually reduces the amount of work needed.

As an addition to your meal, it makes them quick to use. The process of freezing them is the same as it would be when whole.

If you can keep the sliced cherry tomatoes dry, you will be able to keep them apart during the first freeze.

It’s important to give each room enough space to keep tomatoes from freezing into big chunks.

Blanching Cherry Tomatoes Before Freezing

You don’t have to Blanche cherry tomatoes before freezing, but this is one way that you can do that. When preparing sauces, blanched whole tomatoes are usually used.

Blanching gets rid of dirt, improves color, and slows the loss of vitamins. It improves the peeling of tomato skin.

If you’ll be storing your tomatoes in the freezer for a couple of months, it’s a good idea to Blanche them before freezing to retain their freshness.

The natural enzymes that cause flavor and color loss will slow down in blanched cherry tomatoes as a result of the effects of freezing.

They may become mushier after thawing because they were softened by blanching.

Freezing Cherry Tomatoes Juiced

If you don’t want your cherry tomatoes to be whole, you can freeze them. It makes them good to use in stew and sauces. It wouldn’t be a problem if the consistency was softer.

Before pouring tomato juice into a jar or container, let it cool before you make it. Before putting the tomato juice in the freezer, you can prepare it the way you prefer.

The process includes removing the skin and seeds to make them taste better.

How Long Is It Possible To Freeze Cherry Tomatoes?

The best condition for cherry tomatoes is up to 6 months of freezing, which is why they can stay frozen for a year.

When they are left frozen for a long period, they lose their preserved flavors. They won’t have the same level of freshness when they’re frozen past this mark.

From weeks or months of storage, cherry tomatoes go through texture changes after they are frozen. The cherry tomatoes are softer when they are frozen.

They will not work well for salads when this happens. They would be great to use in soups, sauces, and other similar recipes.

How Can I Store Cherry Tomatoes Long-Term?

For long-term storage, cherry tomatoes can be either frozen, canned, or dried.

These methods can be used to preserve the fruit for extended periods without damaging the quality.

You can expect changes, but they are not enough to cause any unpleasant differences.

Cherry Tomatoes

Freezing Cherry Tomatoes Long-Term

For fresh produce, freezing is the most efficient method of food preservation. It allows frozen food to retain its qualities for a longer period.

In colder temperatures, the growth of the bacterium is slower. Unless you prepare fresh cherry tomatoes differently, this process won’t affect their nutrition.

Changes in physical properties are caused by the changes in physical properties caused by freezing.

When it came to cherry tomatoes, they would lose their firmness and sometimes have a rough texture.

Long-Term Storage For Canned Cherry Tomatoes

If you want to preserve cherry tomatoes, canning is a good choice. It involves heating jars of food to a temperature that will kill microorganisms.

A vacuum seal is formed when the heating is cooled to prevent recontamination of the air.

When you don’t have access to a freezer, canning tomatoes is a great way to keep them fresh.

Blanching and peeling tomatoes are what you would do after being cleaned.

It’s important to add citric acid or lemon juice to the jar to make sure the tomatoes will be safe for canning. Salt can be added to the jar to make it taste better.

Drying Cherry Tomatoes For Storage

The best part about dehydrating cherry tomatoes is how it reduces the fruit’s size while enhancing its taste.

Since it shrinks the tomatoes, it allows more storage to take up less space.

The tomatoes will change in shape and texture during the process, which will make them less flexible to use for other dishes.

Compared to canning and freezing, dried tomatoes don’t have a lot of use in recipes. It takes a long time for cherry tomatoes to dry, but hydrating them won’t require equipment.

If you want to save more space for long-time storage, it is a cheap option to consider.


If you place cherry tomatoes in containers, they can be frozen whole, sliced, or juiced. It is possible to prolong the shelf life of the fruit by freezing it.

Like other fruits, they can be stored in the freezer for a long time. When you can’t freeze them, there are several ways you can keep them.

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