Sous Vide Ping Pong Balls: How to Use Them and Do They Work?

The benefits of using sous vide cooking are many and varied. However, one of the biggest benefits is the ability to make perfect steaks that will hold up against any kind of challenge.

This is because a well-cooked steak can be easily reheated and served. And when it’s ready for serving, the steak can simply be sliced or cut into small pieces, leaving a nice thick layer of fat.

But, if you’re not careful, sous vide steak can easily get ruined by just a single thing.

So what can you do about this? The answer lies in a simple product called Sous Vide Ping Pong Balls.

These are specially designed sous vide cooking balls that work in a similar fashion to sous vide pucks but in the form of ping pong balls.

They are designed to cook food evenly, leaving it tender and juicy on the inside.

However, they are also designed to be easily handled and will not break or shatter like regular sous vide pucks, allowing you to cook without worrying about them breaking or cracking.

What Are Sous Vide Ping Pong Balls?


It’s a special type of ball that is used to help you make sous vide pinging (the process of putting food into a vacuum-sealed bag and cooking it at a specific temperature for a set amount of time).

Why are sous vide balls needed?

Sous vide balls are used to heat the water within a cooker. Without the balls, you would have to rely on convection to heat the water.

This would be much slower than using sous vide cooker, and would not give the same precise temperature control.

What are the benefits of using sous vide balls?

In short, using sous vide balls is a great way to reduce cooking time, retain more nutrients, and add flavor! You can even cook your meatballs in individual cups if you want!

Here’s where sous vide balls come in

Yes. Sous vide balls are great because they allow you to control the temperature at which the meat is cooked, which means you can do things like a braise or fry your food at a precise temperature.

They also keep the temperature more consistent than when you’re just using an oven, and they also allow you to cook at a very low temperature for a long time.

The problem with sous vide cooking is that it’s expensive.

What About Using Ping Bong Balls?

It is possible. The difference is that, after sous vide, the food will not rise much. You can still cook it with ping bong balls by lowering the temperature. 

I just checked with professional sous vide chef, and he says it’s okay to use ping bong balls to cook with because they can be removed easily.


In the beginning, we covered sous vide cooking. It’s a great way to cook food, but sometimes it can be a pain to cover the container.

This is where sous vide ping pong balls come in. You can use them to cover your container and then throw them away when you’re done.

The idea is that you place a ping pong ball inside your container, heat up your water bath, and cook your food. When you’re done cooking, you’ll see that the ping pong ball has shrunk to about half its size. The rest will be used to cover the container.

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