What Size Plate Is Needed To Grind Venison?

Venison is the meat that comes from a game, but culture has placed more emphasis on it being a deer or an animal.

Venison can be any animal if you catch it in the woods, so what size plate is suitable after a kill?

Chefs suggest a 10mm grinding plate or something bigger for your first grind. You can use the 3/8 or 1/2 grinding plate after coarse grinding to get a better result.

The texture of your venison is not just dependent on the meat, but also on the recipe.

Some recipes will require you to use a larger grinding plate, while others will require you to use a smaller plate for a smooth texture.

How Many Times Do You Need to Grind Venison?

Depending on your recipe, the number of grinds to carry out for venison will always be dependent. For the best result, it is recommended to grind at least two times.

If you have to grind it once, make sure you slice it with a knife before putting it in the meat grinder.

The resulting texture wouldn’t be as smooth, compared to when you ground it twice in a meat grinder

How to Grind Venison?

Regardless of the recipe involved, homemade grounded venison always tastes better than the ones taken to a regular meat processor.

When using a meat grinder, you tend to pay more attention to minute details than the regular food processor.

Have your venison in the best shape by following the steps below.


Prepare the Meat for Grinding

Victory loves to prepare and venison is no exception. Remove the bones from the venison to prepare it.

If you want to separate the bones and meat from each other, you should use a fillet knife.

Many people don’t remove the silver skin from their venison, but experts think it will come out better.

This is largely due to the tasteless nature of silver skin, and not only that, but they also come in the way when you have to bind your meat together for recipes such as meatballs and burgers.

Try to remove as much fat from the venison as possible.

If you must add any, do it at a later stage of the mixture, but first separate the fat from the meat because of the unpleasant coat you’ll have on your palate as a result.

Prepare Your Grinder

Don’t use your meat grinder if it’s not frozen because it will help your grinder work more efficiently.

Another thing to do is to slice up your meat into bits that can easily access your meat grinder, then lay them uniformly, either on a board or a cookie wrapper, but ensure no part of the sliced meat is touching another.

The sliced meat should be in the refrigerator. The grinding process will be made more efficient by this.

It’s very difficult to grind stick or warm meat, and cold meat aids the process, which is essential for the grinding process.

Time to Add Fat

Your recipe is the most important factor in adding fat to your venison. If you want to use some of the fat from the meat, you should use beef tallow, bacon, or pork belly.

The experts suggest using an 80 to 20% venison to fat ratio when mixing, but this is not based on the recipe.

If you want to make kebabs or hamburgers that are juicier, you’ll need more fat to get the best result, but if you want to make taco and meat sauces, you don’t need the addition of fat at all.

To include the fat in your venison mixture, cut up your fat into pieces the same way you did with the meats, then place it in the freezer to get it cold and stiff before proceeding to grind.

Grind Thoroughly

It’s a good idea to go through the instructions of your meat grinder first. Depending on your recipe, you might have to grind your venison at least twice to get the best result.

Make sure you grind your chilled meat and fat at the same time to make sure they are mixed evenly.

The coarse grinder plate will give you the coarse meat you want, while the fine grinder plate will give you the fine ground meat you want.

Eat Immediately or Store Properly

If you don’t want to eat your venison immediately, vacuum seals it instead of putting it in a freezer bag.

The meat in the freezer bags is not air-tight, which will cause it to last less time. They shouldn’t be left completely exposed either.

This is because grounded meat has a large surface area that is good for the growth of bacteria, and it also exposes the meat to more air, which can cause discoloration in the long run.

To enjoy the fresh taste of your venison, grind the meat you intend to use for that moment.

How to Clean a Meat Grinder?

I have never made the mistake of leaving my meat grinder in the same state after use, even though I find it a humongous task to do the dishes after eating.

You can prolong the lifespan of your meat grinder by cleaning it after every use, but you can also prevent bacteria from building an empire within the engine processor by cleaning it after every use.

You can effectively clean your meat grinder by following the steps.


Disassemble the Parts

It is possible to disassemble the parts to the last bit. Use the operational manual of your meat grinder to do a proper job if you aren’t sure how to do it.

If you don’t know where a particular part might fit, I suggest making a video during the entire process.

To remove meat crumbs and particles from the plate area of your meat grinder, try grinding some slices of bread. This can help remove meat oil.

Soak the Parts

Once the parts of your meat grinder are separated, get a bowl of warm water mixed with detergent and soak for a while.

Scrub the Areas

If you don’t have a bottle brush, you can get this Long Bottle Cleaning Brush from Amazon, which will help you reach certain areas you wouldn’t be able to reach with a sponge.

The blade section should be kept in mind while washing to avoid any injuries. The best result can be obtained by doing a thorough job with your brush and sponge.

Rinse, Dry, and Store

After washing, rinse with clean water and place them in an exposed area to dry. Every drop of water should be dried before being put into a container.

It is possible to store your meat grinder in parts, or whole, but experts recommend storing it in a refrigerator if you have enough space.


  • Keeping the venison, grinder blade, and machine assembly cold is one of the best ways to go through a seamless grinding process.
  • It is necessary to do this to make sure you have enough force needed for a smooth grinding process.
  • Adding fat to your venison will give it a very appreciative feel and texture, and is dependent on your recipe.
  • Many have preferred pork in the past, but the source of fat is of paramount importance. Beef tallow and bacon ends are some of the sources of fat.
  • It’s a good idea to grind your meat twice to give it a smooth texture and to make sure that your seasonings are mixed correctly.
  • If you like your meat coarse, grind it twice using the same grinding plate size to get the best results.


Difference between a 12 and a 22 meat grinder

The size of their feeding tubes is the main difference between these sets of meat grinders.

The feeding tube diameter for the 12-meat grinder will be smaller than for the 22-meat grinder.

Best Meat to Grind for Hamburgers

According to expert chefs, the following meat is perfect for hamburgers.

  • Chuck steak
  • Brisket
  • Boneless short rib
  • Round


Killing your meat is cool, but preparing it for your kill is the icing on the cake.

I hope you choose the one that will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds because there are several venison recipes you can get out of it.

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